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About Julie Coates


Julie Coates is the world's foremost authority on the demographics of learning. She is an author, speaker, and consultant in the area of learning and generational learning styles.
Coates is Vice President for Information Services at the Learning Resources Network (LERN).

Her keynote speeches and sessions on trends and generational learning styles have garnered rave reviews and standing-room-only crowds.

She has organized classes for twenty-five years, and ran one of the nation's premiere continuing education programs. Coates holds a Master's Degree in Adult Education from Kansas State University.

She has conducted seminars in Australia, Europe, Canada and throughout the United States. She has spoken at Radcliffe and has been on PBS television.

As the world's oldest Baby Boomer, she has been on the cutting edge of trends for her generation for several decades. Her children include a Generation Xer and a Nexter, so some of her research is done at home.

She can be reached via email at coates@lern.org
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